November 2017

I hope all my followers and readers had a great Thanksgiving. This was the first time in awhile that I had off for Thanksgiving and so I spent it with some friends which was nice. November was a quiet month in regards to buying shares because of how much money I put into my portfolio in October on top of buying some new winter clothes and stuff for the house thus I didn’t plan on adding much to my portfolio in November. As of 12/5/17, we are coming into a close of the 1st week of December with 20 days left until Christmas and 26 days left until the New Years. It has been a great year for my portfolio and I plan on talking more about it in my December post(s) and what I like to do in 2018.

When some of the dividends I received in November plus some funds I added to my portfolio, I bought 10 more shares of CTL at $14.72/share for a total of $152.15 including fees. This increased my forward dividend by $21.60 which brings my annual dividend as of November 31st to $1,537.62. A quick note on CTL. CTL is a company that has been having some financial problems for some time now and so Mr. Market has given buyers like myself the opportunity to buy shares of CTL at a 55% discount from CTL’s year high of $26.11. While one has to play it safe investing in companies that have not been doing great the last few quarters, years because of the risk of a dividend cut or suspension, I believe now that CTL and Level 3 have merged we should see CTL turn around in 2018 financially and thus making investing in it now a worthwhile opportunity. I will be watching CTL over next few months to see about increasing or decreasing the holding I have with it.

Dividends for November were not like October but they were not as bad as September. I made a total of $92.54 in dividends. I received $22.75 from OHI, $28.60 from KNOP and $33.02 from SUN and .831 shares for dripping GLAD. This is an increase of  43.36% over August and a 93.23% YoY increase. This brings my dividend total for the year to $1,082.98 which is 168.88% more than I received in all of 2016. Thanks to CTL, I will hit $1,100 by the end of the year.

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
CTL 10 $14.72 $152.15 $21.60
Stock Dividend Payout
OHI $22.75
KNOP $28.60
SUN $33.02
GLAD $8.17 or .831 shares
Total $92.54

November 2017 Dividends

As always, Happy dividend investing and see everybody in retirement!