March 2018

Another busy month has caused me to be late with March’s blog.  Overall I once again was able to execute my plan on buying stocks I felt that were great choices for now and long term. I bought 40 shares of New Residential Investment Corp (NRZ) at $16.68/share for a total of $672.15 after fees. This added $80.00 to my forward annual dividend. I also bought 30 shares of a lesser known company, TriplePoint Venture Growth (TPVG), at $11.80/share for a total of $358.95 after fees. This added $43.20 to my forward annual dividend. My annual dividend is now $1,785.09 with an avg monthly payout of $148.75. Enough to cover my electric and Internet bill with a few dollars left over.

This month’s dividend payout came to $70.55 before DRIP. I received $54.00 from CTL, $8.13 from CJREF, and $8.42 or .98 shares from GLAD. This was a 337.38% increase of April 2017 where I only received $16.13 in dividends. As long as GLAD stays at its current price I should start receiving one (1)  full share starting in April. In the first quarter of 2018 I received $410.99 in dividends, increased my portfolio by $2,168.07 to $16,351.50 bringing my dividend interest to 10.916%. While the 2nd quarter should see increase in dividend and portfolio worth, April being tax month will cut into the amount of money I will be able to add to my portfolio. While it is still early to say if I will hit my $2,000 in dividends for 2018, I will easily surpass the $1,121.96 I received last year if do at least $400 a quarter in dividends. How did everybody else do the first quarter?

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Forward Dividend
NRZ 40 $16.68 $672.15  $80.00
TPVG 30 $11.80 $358.95  $43.20
Stock Dividend Payout
CTL $54.00
CJREF $8.13
GLAD $8.42 or .98 shares
Total $70.55

March 2018

As always, Happy dividend investing and see everybody in retirement!