April 2022

Once again I am sorry for another late post. I know I promised some flashy charts and graphics this month but spending a week dealing with finals and a week dealing with COVID I am behind on other important things I need to take care of.

Product not inventoried$0
Payments being processed$52.04
Future Payments$778.22
Buy List$95.65
Cash on Hand$12.90
Unopened Shipping Supply$93.80
Monthly Funds

This month ended with an increase of about $120 to my funds. While this sounds great, I realize it takes a lot of work to make that much. For instance, in the month of April I had 529 orders. This means I made an average of $0.23 an order. That doesn’t sound so hot anymore does it? Add on the fact I spend about 10 hours a week on this project, I am working peanuts. This caused me to think about how can I make this project worth my time. I have come up with some ideas and will hopeful go over those ideas next month

Until then, happy investing and see you in retirement!

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