April 2017

April was another positive month towards my dividend investment goals. I decided to sell my 18 shares of BXMT for $553.21 after fees. I bought 18 shares of BXMT for 529.74 back in November of 2016 which gives me a profit of $23.74. I turned around and bought 32 shares of NRZ at $17.16/share for $554.07 after fees. The forward dividend for the 18 shares of BXMT was $44.64 while the forward dividend for 32 shares of NRZ is $61.44 or a difference of $16.80.

I added $635.00 to my account which I used to buy 30 more shares of KNOP at $23.64/share for $714.45 after fees. The forward dividend of 30 shares of KNOP comes to $62.00 which means after this month’s purchases my forward yearly dividend is now  $976.34 and my dividend yield is now 9.12%.

The dividend payout for this month was $156.99.  This is a difference of $122.48 over what I received last April. This also tops January’s dividend payout by $40.72. After April the dividend payout for the year is now at $344.87 or $57.91 shy of what I received last year in dividends. This is what we are all here for and seeing increases like this is why I started this adventure. I cannot be any happier with my progress and I continue to look ahead to the future.

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
 BXMT  18  31.01  553.21  -$44.64
NRZ 32 $17.16 $554.07 $61.44
KNOP 30 $23.65 $714.45 $62.40
Stock Dividend Payout
MAIN $4.63
CIM $55.00
CLDT $5.50
APLE $6.00
BXMT $11.16
UNIT $24.00
DLNG $50.70
Total $156.99

April 2017

Happy trading and see you in retirement!