June’s Dividends

This was another month in which I saw a decent size dividend payout thanks in part to MAIN’s bi-annual special dividend. At the rate I am going I should see $50 within the next month or two and hopefully $75 by the end of the year.

Stock Dividend Payout
BRG $3.87
APLE $2.00
MAIN $7.20
STAG $4.63
CLDT $2.20
FTR $6.30
MAIN Special Dividend $11.00
Total $37.20

June 2016 Dividends


Happy trading and see you in retirement!

June’s Stock Purchases and Sales

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
FTR 60 $4.84 $290.40 -$25.20
HCP 12 $34.55 $414.60 -$27.60
APLE 40 $18.24 $729.60 $48.00
OHI 12 $33.26 $399.12 $27.84
STAG 10 $22.51 $225.10 $13.90
DLNG 30 $13.12 $393.60 $50.70

Like for May, in June I sold a few stocks that I believe are great stock but because I need to build up my portfolio sooner than later I had to get rid of a few that were going to cause short-term trouble. One of those were HCP which most know is splitting off portion of its portfolio into a new company which many believe will cause HCP to decrease its dividend payout thus I decided to sell HCP before we saw a price drop and replaced it with OHI. Another stock I think has long term potential is FTR but I do not see anything happen with either the PPS or Dividend anytime soon so I decided to sell my shares in those and pick up some more STAG shares. Selling FTR and HCP decrease my portfolio market value by $695.08 and decreased my forward dividend by $52.80

I used those funds, funds I had leftover in my account, and my monthly deposit to buy 40 more shares of APLE at the cost of $729.60, 12 shares of OHI for $399.12, 10 shares of STAG $225.10, and 30 shares of DLNG for $393.60 which came out to $1,747.42 with a forward yearly dividend of $89.74. This brings this year’s current cost expense to $5,644.45 and forward yearly dividend to $475.25 which makes the┬ádividend yield to 8.42%.

Happy investment and I will see you in retirement.