April’s Dividends

April brought in my biggest dividend payout so far this year. This mainly had to do with BDCL which is an ETN that has 2x leveraged on the stocks it follows/holds which means high dividend payout if the underlying stocks do well. Overall, this was a great dividend month which I will reinvest in future stocks.

Stock Dividend Payout
BRG $3.87
MAIN $7.20
STAG $4.63
BDCL $13.41
ARR $5.40
Total $34.51

Happy trading and see you in retirement!

April’s Stock Purchases and Sales

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
FTR 30 $5.50 $$165.00 $12.6
BX 20 $26.77 $535.40 $22.4

A little background on why I bought FTR. FTR or Frontier Communications Corp will be my first “real” stock that is not a REIT. Frontier Communications Corp is a smaller telecommunication company that operates in many states across the country. The one thing that made me look into buying this company is that while most major telecommunication companies like Verizon and AT&T are moving more to mobile/wireless communication, FTR main focus is high speed internet via fiber-optic and copper lines. Even though it has not been doing too well the last few quarters I believe FTR buying a big part of Verizon’s broadband and FiOS in California, Texas and Florida well help FTR in the next quarter or two. This should help with their dividend payout not only being covered but start to increase over the upcoming quarters.

Total month’s expenses comes to $700.4 which brings this year’s current expenses to $3986.66. Forward dividend comes to $$35.00 which brings the yearly dividend to $374.25 or ~$31.19/month which is an increase of ~$2.92 from last month. My current dividend yield is ~9.39% which is a decrease of about .93% from last month.

Happy investment and I will see you in retirement.