July 2017

This is the second time this year that I did not deposit any funds into my investment portfolio. The main reason for this is that I am going on vacation at the end of August and so most of my extra cash is going towards that. This is something I recommend everybody to do so that they are able to get away from the stress in life and enjoy oneself. Not being about to deposit funds into my account got me thinking about what I can do to make extra money for my portfolio and I am leaning towards creating a professional blog.

I plan on having ads on my blog and to attract readers I plan on having posts that not only cover dividend investing but such things as living a frugal life, being a college student in his mid 30s, and other things that interest me. Nothing is concrete yet but I would like to get things going and start it up hopefully by the end of the year if not the beginning of next year. Stay tune for updates on that.

As you have read I did not deposit any funds into my portfolio this month nor did I buy or sell any stock. July would have been a very quiet month if it wasn’t for receiving dividends throughout the month. July set a new record of the amount of dividends I received in one month coming in at $193.43. This is a y/y increase of 213.30% and an increase of 22.82% from April of this year. This increase was due to investing in DLNG and NRZ over the last three months. This brings my dividend payout for the year so far to $657.83.  I am only off by about $342.00 to reach $1,000 in dividend payout this year. I should have no problem reaching but I do not think I am going to see $1200 for the year.

Happy trading and see you in retirement!

Stock Dividend Payout
CIM $55.00
GLAD $8.05
CLDT $5.50
NRZ $37.50
UNIT $24.00
DLNG $63.38
Total $193.43

July 2017 Dividends