November 2017

I hope all my followers and readers had a great Thanksgiving. This was the first time in awhile that I had off for Thanksgiving and so I spent it with some friends which was nice. November was a quiet month in regards to buying shares because of how much money I put into my portfolio in October on top of buying some new winter clothes and stuff for the house thus I didn’t plan on adding much to my portfolio in November. As of 12/5/17, we are coming into a close of the 1st week of December with 20 days left until Christmas and 26 days left until the New Years. It has been a great year for my portfolio and I plan on talking more about it in my December post(s) and what I like to do in 2018.

When some of the dividends I received in November plus some funds I added to my portfolio, I bought 10 more shares of CTL at $14.72/share for a total of $152.15 including fees. This increased my forward dividend by $21.60 which brings my annual dividend as of November 31st to $1,537.62. A quick note on CTL. CTL is a company that has been having some financial problems for some time now and so Mr. Market has given buyers like myself the opportunity to buy shares of CTL at a 55% discount from CTL’s year high of $26.11. While one has to play it safe investing in companies that have not been doing great the last few quarters, years because of the risk of a dividend cut or suspension, I believe now that CTL and Level 3 have merged we should see CTL turn around in 2018 financially and thus making investing in it now a worthwhile opportunity. I will be watching CTL over next few months to see about increasing or decreasing the holding I have with it.

Dividends for November were not like October but they were not as bad as September. I made a total of $92.54 in dividends. I received $22.75 from OHI, $28.60 from KNOP and $33.02 from SUN and .831 shares for dripping GLAD. This is an increase of  43.36% over August and a 93.23% YoY increase. This brings my dividend total for the year to $1,082.98 which is 168.88% more than I received in all of 2016. Thanks to CTL, I will hit $1,100 by the end of the year.

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
CTL 10 $14.72 $152.15 $21.60
Stock Dividend Payout
OHI $22.75
KNOP $28.60
SUN $33.02
GLAD $8.17 or .831 shares
Total $92.54

November 2017 Dividends

As always, Happy dividend investing and see everybody in retirement!

3 thoughts on “November 2017

  1. Fantastic, looks like all of your dividend income compared to last year is up, that is awesome news. You should surely be happy with that. Keep up the great work!

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