Mid-year 2018

The Good

  • For the first six months I have added $4,225.57 or about 47% of the $9000 I wanted to add to my portfolio this year.
  • Currently the value of my portfolio stands at $18,296.87. I have eleven different stocks and 1,036.74 shares. Current yield is 11.27%
  • During the first 6 months of the year I have collected $879.24 in dividends. This is ~44% of my goal for 2018 of reaching $2,000.  
  • My Portfolio is made up of 5 different sectors with 45% of it in REITs.

The Bad

  • I sold all my shares of CJREF and OHI because the companies either reduced or cancelled their dividends. This is the risk I take with buying high yield stocks.
  • For OHI I lost around $300 and for CJREF I lost around $635 for a total of around $935. This is a large chunk of money and would have been much less if I had stop losses in place.
  • My portfolio for most of the year has been red which comes from the volatility of the stocks I own and only became green for selling stocks at a loss.

The 2nd Half of 2018

Overall my portfolio is growing and I am happy with it. I believe if I keep to the pace of the 1st half of the year I should meet my goal of adding $9000 to my portfolio or come very close.  I will be looking to diverse my portfolio a little bit more during the 2nd half by maybe buying a consumer product like either AT&T or Coca-Cola. We shall see, worse case I will buy them next year when I plan on buying a few more stable stocks. While I have made $879.24 so far in dividends it might be hard for me to get to $2,000 especially I after I had to sell some stock which affected my dividend income a little. While overall I still plan to hit $2500 for my forward dividend, it will be tough to receive $2000 this year so I am going to reduce this to $1900. I yet to have learn my lesson on not having stop losses and selling shares for a profit. UNIT is a great example of this. At one point I was up about $250.00 and as of the close of Friday (7/20) I am down $273.58. This is more than a $500 price swing. I am going to look into setting up exit plans for my stock so that I can at least try to buy back some stock for cheaper. I hope everybody had a great first half of the year and look forward to seeing how everybody does the second half.

June 2018

Hello all, I hope everybody had a great June. For me it had its positives and negatives. I have been buying and holding on to CJREF shares for a few quarters in hopes that the company would turn things around but unfortunately during its last earnings report management announced that they will be cutting dividends and going from a monthly payment to a quarterly. This was my cue to sell my shares of CJREF. I sold 150 shares for $600.56 after fees. I lost $589.86 after deducting dividends that I have received from CJREF. This reduced my forward dividend by $127.80. I used these funds and other free funds to buy 80 shares of AGNC for $1,552.70 after fees. This increased my forward dividend by $172.80 which gave me a net gain of $45.00 which brings my yearly dividend to $1,968.66. This months dividends came to $88.27. This was a 25.12% increase from March 2018 and a 99.8% increase from June 2017. This brings my dividend payouts so far for the year to $879.24.

Be on the lookout for a mid-year review and what I plan on doing for the 2nd half of 2018

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Forward Dividend
CJREF 150.00 $4.037 $600.56  -$127.80
AGNC 80 $18.91 $1,552.70  $172.80
Stock Dividend Payout
GLAD $7.07 or .779 shares
CJREF $9.20
TPVG $18.00
CTL $54.00
Total $88.27


As always, Happy dividend investing and see everybody in retirement!