May 2017

May was a hectic month to say the least. I went into May with my account in the green and left May down a few hundred dollars. I decided to sell my 60 shares of APLE so that I can get a better dividend yield with a different stock. I decided on GLAD which is also a monthly dividend payer like APLE. I was able to sell all my shares of APLE for $1,129.05 after fees and buy 115 shares of GLAD at $9.84/share for $1,136.55. I had to use some free crash to make up the difference. This trade increased my forward dividend by $24.60.

I also decided while stocks are down to buy more shares of NRZ. I was not able to deposit my normal monthly $635 and was only able to deposit $400 which caused me to eat into my savings a little to make the difference up. I bought 43 shares of NRZ at $15.80/share for a total of $684.35 after fees. The forward dividend from this purchase is $82.56 which brings my yearly dividend to $1,244.69.

I was caught by surprised this month. I did not think I was going to get any dividend payment from GLAD but I guess I bought it just in time. May’s dividends came to $74.83. Which is an increase of 134.8% from February’s $55.50 and a 265.4% increase over last May. This brings this year’s running total to $420.22 which is $17.44 more than I made all last year. At this rate I am easily going to eclipse $1,000 for 2017.

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
 APLE  60  18.90  $1129.05  -$72.00
NRZ 43 $15.80 $684.35 $82.56
GLAD 115 $9.84 $1136.55 $96.60
Stock Dividend Payout
MAIN $4.63
GLAD $8.05
CLDT $5.50
APLE $6.00
OHI $22.05
KNOP $28.06
Total $74.83

May 2017

Happy trading and see you in retirement!