August 2018

August is done which means my favorite time of the year has arrived, Fall. I hope everybody had a great summer and their portfolios are working hard for them? I added $650.00 to my portfolio which I used to buy 20 shares of AGNC for $19.00 a share for a total of $384.95 after fees. This added $43.20 to my forward dividend and brought my yearly divided to $2106.12.

My dividends for August came out to $155.93. This was an increase of $91.38 or 141.56% over August of 2017 and an increase of $28.48 or 22.35% over May of 2018.  My running total for the year is now $1,317.03. With 4 more months left in the year I feel like I might be able to hit $2000. Fingers crossed. As the say, slow and steady wins the race.

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Forward Dividend
AGNC 20 $19.00 $384.95  $43.20
Stock Dividend Payout
HTGC $23.25
GLAD $7.18 or .736 shares
AGNC $14.40
KNOP $28.60
SUN $82.50
Total $155.93

August 2018

As always, Happy dividend investing and see everybody in retirement!