March’s Dividends

As you can see below March’s dividends for individual stocks double from their last month’s dividend payouts but overall I only had three stocks pay dividends thus a slightly lower dividend payment compared to last month. I am still happy to see my stock portfolio making me money that I can turn around and invest right back into buying more stocks.

Stock Dividend Payout
MAIN $4.32
STAG $3.26
BRG $1.93
Total $9.51

Happy trading and see you in retirement!

March’s Stock Purchases and Sales

As you will see my stock buying is not going to be as big as it was in January and February going forward. I am looking to buy one or two stocks a month but at good quantity of each stock. Like I mention in my introduction post, I am looking to spend between $600-700 a month on stocks, more if money allows.

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
BDCL 20 $14.53 $$290.60 $62.00
ARR 20 $20.45 $409.00 $64.80

Total month’s expenses comes to $699.60 which brings this year’s current expenses to 3286.26. Forward dividend comes to $126.80 which brings the yearly dividend to $339.25 or ~28.27/month. That is an increase of ~10.57 from last month. My current dividend yield is 10.32% which is up about 2.11% from last month. Happy investment and I will see you in retirement.