August 2017

It is now September. I cannot believe the year is almost over but I am glad this part of the year is here because I love the fall. August was fun because I finally was able to take a needed vacation to Oregon and hang out with some friends for a week. Again, I recommend people take a vacation at least once a year. I think starting next year I am taken a vacation every 6 months even if I do not do anything but stay home and be lazy. The ability to forget everything and do whatever you want helps with relieving built up stress.

August was also a fun month because I had to sell my shares in New Senior Investment Group (SNR) that I bought two month prior when I sold MAIN. I bought SNR at $9.54 a share and at one point got as high as $10.46 a share before taken a dive to the low $9.00 range in early August after its second quarter numbers came out. I personally had no problems with SNR second quarter results but I guess everybody else didn’t like them and decided it was a good time to sell.

I was about to sell my shares of SNR at $9.40 a share for $935.05 after fees. This was only a $18.95 loss but could have been bigger if I didn’t sell in time. Anyways, I decided  to take that funds and some other available funds and by 50 shares of NRZ at $16.84 a share for $846.95 and 15 shares of UNIT at $22.79 a share for $341.85.  100 share of SNR gave me a forward dividend of $158 while 50 shares of NRZ and 15 shares of UNIT only gives me $136. So I lost $22 in forward dividend on that move.  This brings my current forward dividend to $1,222.10 and my dividend yield to 9.96%.

August dividend payout came to $64.55. While this is a increase of ~76.90% over August of  2016 this was a decrease of ~15.93% over May of this year or a difference of $10.28. The reason why I am not worried about that is because I have sold and bought shares that have different dividend payout months and so that $10.28 got shifted to another month. With this month’s dividend payout my year to date dividend payout comes to $722.38. I have now made $319.60 more than I did last year and we still have 4 more months to go this year. This brings me only $277.63 to my goal of making $1,000 this year in dividends.

Happy trading and see you in retirement!

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
 SNR  100  $9.40  $935.05  -$158
NRZ 50 $16.84 $846.95 $100.00
UNIT 15 $22.79 $346.80 $36.00
Stock Dividend Payout
CLDT $5.50
OHI $22.40
GLAD $8.05
KNOP $28.60
Total $64.55

August 2017 Dividends