February 2017

February was an unusual month. I say this because this is the first time since I started dividend investing that I actually did not invest any money into my portfolio. This was a good thing  in my mind because it allowed to look at my portfolio and see what stocks I can sale to get a better investment for my money. The one stock that stood out was Stag Industrial Inc (STAG) not for its dividend of 5.40% but the fact that the stock PPS rose by 34.58% from the avg of $17.76 that I purchased it at. I felt that it would be best for me to sell while the price was high and buy more of lower PPS stock that had the same or better dividend yield.

I was able to sell 40 shares of STAG at $23.90 PPS for a total of $951.02 after fees. I used this cash plus cash I had in my account to buy 60 more shares of DLNG at $16.17 PPS for $970.2. Forward divided from this purchase is $101.40 which increased my yearly forward dividend by $45.40 (subtracting the $56.00 I lost from selling STAG) bringing my total to $815.74. This brings my dividend yield to 8.86%. Not bad if you ask me.

Speaking of dividends, this month dividends came to $55.50. Which is dwarfed by January’s dividend of $116.27 but it is a 480% increase from the dividends from February 2016 but again that was the first month I received dividends from my investments. I expect to have some nice increases this year but I do not expect that to continue going in 2018. So far this year’s dividend has come to $171.77 which is already 42.65% of what I received in 2016. At this rate I should pass last year’s dividend in May or June.

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
STAG 40 $23.90 951.02
DLNG 60 $16.17 $970.2 $101.40
Stock Dividend Payout
MAIN $4.63
CLDT $5.50
OHI $21.70
STAG $4.67
APLE $6.00
KNOP $13.00
Total $55.50


Happy trading and see you in retirement!