June 2017

Good day everybody. Here is hoping June was good to everybody? June for me was a good month all and all. I finally sold off the remaining 25 shares I had in MAIN for $948.80 after fees.  MAIN was one of the first stocks I bought when I started my portfolio back in January 2016 when shares were in the high 20s and because of this I was able to make $218.92 in profits when I sold my remaining shares. Main is one of those companies that should be in everybody’s portfolio and I am looking forward to adding it back down the road.

With the funds I got from MAIN and some dry powder I was able to buy 100 shares of SNR at $9.54 a share for $958.95 after fees. MAIN’s yearly dividend was $69.00 but 100 shares of SNR adds $104 to my forward dividend which is an increase of $35 over MAIN.  Just like the last few months I have not been working as much because of school and so I only deposited $450 in my account for June. This was enough though to add 30 more shares of DLNG to my portfolio while the oil sector stocks were taken a price hit. I was able to pick up 30 shares of DLNG for $14.80 a share for a cost of 448.95 after fees. This brings my forward dividend payout for DLNG to $253.5 which brings my forward dividend for my portfolio to $1188.70.

June is one of the low paying months for me but because I was able to buy SNR before the ex-dividend which was after MAIN’s ex-dividend this month’s payout came to $44.18. While this was about $30 dollars less than what I got in May it was ~173.90% more than what I got in March of this year but funny enough only about ~18.76% more than what I got last June. This brings my dividend payout for the year so far to $464.40. I do not know if I will break $1000 but I will keep on pushing forward in hopes that I do. Until next time, Happy trading and see you in retirement!

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
 Main  25  38.15  $948.80  -$69.00
SNR 100 $9.54 $958.95 $104.00
DLNG 30 $14.80 $448.95 $50.70
Stock Dividend Payout
MAIN $4.63
GLAD $8.05
CLDT $5.50
SNR $26.00
Total $44.18

June 2017