July’s Dividends

This month I saw a payout of $64.74 in dividends. This is the biggest payout so far this year which dwarfed last month’s payout by 63%. The main reason for this was because of CSAL stock in which I bought 60 shares of back in May.¬†As you might have also noticed I decided to show my dividend payouts from my ROTH IRA account that I opened back in January.

Taxable Individual Account

Stock Dividend Payout
MAIN $7.20
CLDT $2.20
BRG $3.87
STAG $5.79
APLE $6.00
CSAL $24.00
DLNG $12.68
Total $$64.74

Roth IRA

Stock Dividend Payout
STAG $.58
BRG $2.42
Total $3.00

July 2016 Dividends


Happy trading and see you in retirement!

July’s Stock Purchases and Sales

Another month down and another month I decided to sell shares in another company I bought. This time I sold all my shares in BRG mainly because I wanted to buy shares in CLDT before the PPS got to high. I plan on buying BRG in the near future because I think it has a lot of potential especially with dividend growth!

After this month’s sells and purchases my current cost expense is now $6,213.79 and my forward yearly dividend is now $491.00 which gives me an monthly average of $40.92. This brings my¬†dividend yield to 7.90%.

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
BRG 40 $12.40 $491.05 -$46.40
CLDT 30 $23.06 $691.70 $39.60
OHI 8 $34.28 $274.24 $19.20

Happy investment and I will see you in retirement.