April 2017

April was another positive month towards my dividend investment goals. I decided to sell my 18 shares of BXMT for $553.21 after fees. I bought 18 shares of BXMT for 529.74 back in November of 2016 which gives me a profit of $23.74. I turned around and bought 32 shares of NRZ at $17.16/share for $554.07 after fees. The forward dividend for the 18 shares of BXMT was $44.64 while the forward dividend for 32 shares of NRZ is $61.44 or a difference of $16.80.

I added $635.00 to my account which I used to buy 30 more shares of KNOP at $23.64/share for $714.45 after fees. The forward dividend of 30 shares of KNOP comes to $62.00 which means after this month’s purchases my forward yearly dividend is now  $976.34 and my dividend yield is now 9.12%.

The dividend payout for this month was $156.99.  This is a difference of $122.48 over what I received last April. This also tops January’s dividend payout by $40.72. After April the dividend payout for the year is now at $344.87 or $57.91 shy of what I received last year in dividends. This is what we are all here for and seeing increases like this is why I started this adventure. I cannot be any happier with my progress and I continue to look ahead to the future.

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
 BXMT  18  31.01  553.21  -$44.64
NRZ 32 $17.16 $554.07 $61.44
KNOP 30 $23.65 $714.45 $62.40
Stock Dividend Payout
MAIN $4.63
CIM $55.00
CLDT $5.50
APLE $6.00
BXMT $11.16
UNIT $24.00
DLNG $50.70
Total $156.99

April 2017

Happy trading and see you in retirement!

10 thoughts on “April 2017

  1. That is some substantial growth from the prior year. And Funny to see most people’s off month is your biggest month, and their big month of March is your smallest. Either way as long as the dividends are rolling it, it’s a plus in my book growing that passive income. Nice work!


    1. Well, it is not fair to compare this year’s dividend payments to last year because this is my first full year of getting dividends. I need to wait until next year to see what the increases look like to this year.

      Funny I thought the first month of the new quarters were always the best months for dividends? Any case I am happy with my progress.


  2. The 3rd month generally is but it really doesn’t matter which month you get paid the most as you are getting paid. Those NRZ shares will pay off next July you will increase again. I have nice positions in NRZ and CIM so I get a nice check i.
    Nice increase and yes it is fair to use last year comparisons as it shows how far you have come since you started and next year hopefully shows a nice increase as well.
    Good job keep it up


    1. Thank you. I am a huge fan of NRZ and CIM but keeping my eye on NRZ after what is happening to OCN. I am thinking of buying some more monthly dividends next year that will help with the months that do not give me much in dividends but at the same time as long as I am getting paid, it really doesn’t matter which month it is in.


  3. You put up some great figures for the month. Slow and steady wins this marathon that’s for sure. We don’t have any names in common paying us in April but that’s OK too. Keep finding those higher quality dividend payers that grow their payouts over time. In the long run they are a better bet. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Thank you for the advice. Next year I am going to play it much safer with what stocks I am buying that have a smaller yield but as you said grow their payouts over time. Right now I am just sitting up a good foundation that I can grow my portfolio from. Some stocks I might have in 5-10 years while others I will not.


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