January-February 2021

Hey everybody, I am back. Like I said back in July of 2020, I planned on getting back into dividend investment at the start of 2021. Unfortunately, my investment portfolio is not going to grow as quickly as it did in the past mainly because last year I filled for bankruptcy so that I can try to get some of my student debt under control. So while I am doing that, I will be only investing between $250-$300 a month into my portfolio, split 75% in stocks and 25% in cryptocurrency. I will continue to keep a semi-aggressive stock portfolio with a dividend percentage between 6-7% while doing some very aggressive staking with cryptocurrency looking at an APY between 100-200%

January was a quiet month with no dividend payouts or much of an increase in portfolio value so I will start with February:

February’s dividends & interest: $7.38
Year to date dividend & interest: $7.38
Forward annual dividend: $125.52
February’s crypto earnings: –
Portfolio’s value: $$2,222.36 (+$531.51/+23.92% MoM)


Like I mentioned earlier we are not going to see anything impressive any time soon. I have nothing for crypto because it was a last minute decision and wasn’t really keeping any records for February. Hopefully for March’s post I will have some numbers to share. Until then happy trading and see everybody in retirement!

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