May & June 2019

Hello everybody. Sorry about not posting a May’s blog post. I got busy and forgot all about it thus this is a combination of May and June. Like I said a lot has happened especially with my trading and my goals going forward. The biggest change is that I have gone back to option trading and so I am using 10% of my portfolio to do that which means my forward dividends has lowered from April’s post. I also will not be adding any funds into my account outside of option trading because of vacation plans I have in August and October.

Last 2 month’s dividends & interest: $191.70
Year to date dividend & interest: $414.95
May and June 2019 vs May and June 2018: -$24.02/-11.13%
Forward annual dividend: $1,179.12
May and June’s Options Earnings: -$707.87
Portfolio’s value: $24,446.96 (+2,042.72/+9.12% since April)

Overall my portfolio has grown since April. I have lost some money in option trading but this should improve as I get back into it and put more time into it. It is a mix of day trading and weekly option trading. Let’s see what July brings


Happy trading and see everybody in retirement!

4 thoughts on “May & June 2019

    1. Of course not. 90% of my funds are still in ETFs and Mutual funds which are used to build my portfolio via dividends and capital appreciation. Just using options to add a little bit more funds to my portfolio.


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