1st quarter of 2019

First quarter of 2019 is over. With the help of cash deposits, capital growth, and dividend reinvestment my portfolio grew. The real question though is by how much and should I continue what I am doing?

Here is a breakdown of this quarter’s growth and where it came from:

As you can see my portfolio grew by $3,147.86 in the first quarter. While 52% of this came from cash deposit the remain came from capital growth and dividends which came to $1502.86. If you compare this to Q1 2018 in which I made $410.99 in dividends but had a negative cap growth of a few hundred dollars, you can see that I saw at least an increase of $1091.87 YoY.

Another thing I said I was going to do was rebalance my portfolio every quarter. The main reason for this is to keep a 25/75 balance between bonds and stocks but to also take advantage of any growth I saw the previous quarter.

Portfolio at the end of 1st Quarter
Portfolio at the beginning of 2nd Quarter

As you can see I switched out a few ETFs and Mutual funds and changed my portfolio weight so that bonds have a 30% weight while stocks have a 70% weight. I gave bonds a 5% more weight going into the 2nd quarter because of rocky economy news I have seen both domestic and foreign. Depending on how the 2nd quarter goes I will either add more weight to bonds or go back to a 25/75 ratio.

Overall I like trading/owning ETFs and Mutual funds even though they come with fees. With REITs I was trading the last few years, I had to keep an eye on them regular for wild price swings, making sure the the areas the REITS covered were doing well, and constantly read up on the dozen or so stocks I owned to make sure they were doing well financially. With ETFs and Mutual funds you can buy them and forget about them for the most part. This allowed me to not have to check my portfolio as often and take care of other things.

Well, April is half way done and it is about time it started to look like Spring. I will talk to everybody in a few weeks when I post April’s review. Until then, happy trading and I will see everybody in retirement.

4 thoughts on “1st quarter of 2019

  1. Love the YoY improvements! Keep your contributions nice and steady through thick & thin and this will turn into a very nice pile. Since you are rebalancing have you considered using M1 Fiannce? The have a rebalancing function you might like and since your portfolio peaked over $20K they are offering a $100 to rollover.

    Keep up the good work and look forward to more progress


    1. Hey Ken,
      Thanks for the suggestion but with the brokerage firm I use, ETFs and mutual funds are free to trade or cost almost nothing. Thank you for the words of encouragement. I have been investing for my retirement since 2016 and there is a lot I have learn and still a lot to learn. To see my portfolio grow over the years is always encouraging.


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