January 2019

First month of the new year is over with. It was a quiet month. I bought 12 shares of EPP for and received no dividends for January. Dividends should pick back up in February.

Year to date dividend payments: $0.00
2018 Dividend payments: $1,966.94
Month over Month: –
Quarter over Quarter: –
Forward annual dividend: $1,396.02

Stock# Of SharesAvg Share PriceTotalForward Dividend

8 thoughts on “January 2019

  1. Yes. During the stock slump we saw in Q4, I sold all my portfolio and in early January I bought mostly ETFs and mutual funds. The portfolio I had before was very aggressive. I was getting almost 12% in dividend yield now it is almost 6% dividend yield.


      1. Yes, while my current portfolio is more conservative than my last portfolio, I make that up with with a portfolio that is a mix of capital appreciation and dividend income. For example, in less than 1 month my portfolio grew by more than $600. My last portfolio, because of being mostly REITs, was in the red most of the year. It peaked for a few weeks during the summer before we went into Q4.


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