May 2018

Hello all. I just realized that I have not done this month’s blog. As many of you know I hate selling stock unless the company cuts or stops dividend payouts. Well, in this case I sold some stock so that I can buy some stock i have been watching for a while that had a better dividend yield. I decided to sell 22 shares of GLAD for $191.94 after fees and 15 shares of NRZ for $263.09 after fees. This cut my forward dividend by $48.48. I used these new funds and funds I had in my account to buy 60 shares of TWO for an average share price of $15.40 for $934.15 after fees and 20 shares of TPVG for an average share price of $13.17 for $268.35 after fees. With these new shares my forward dividend was increased by $93.12 to a new annual forward dividend of $1931.71

The dividends for the month of May came out to $127.45. This was mainly due to SUN in which I received $82.50 alone from it. It is stocks like this that makes dividend investing worth it. This month’s dividend was a 70.32% year over year increase but a 9.35% decrease from March 2018. This brings my year to date dividend payout to $790.97.

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Forward Dividend
GLAD 22.00 $8.95 $191.94  -$18.48
NRZ 15.00 $17.87 $263.09  -$30.00
TWO 60 $15.40 $934.15  $112.80
TPVG 20 $13.17 $268.35  $28.80
Stock Dividend Payout
KNOP $28.60
CJREF $9.34
SUN $82.50
GLAD $7.01 or .77 shares
Total $127.45

May 2018

As always, Happy dividend investing and see everybody in retirement!

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