March 2018

Another busy month has caused me to be late with March’s blog.  Overall I once again was able to execute my plan on buying stocks I felt that were great choices for now and long term. I bought 40 shares of New Residential Investment Corp (NRZ) at $16.68/share for a total of $672.15 after fees. This added $80.00 to my forward annual dividend. I also bought 30 shares of a lesser known company, TriplePoint Venture Growth (TPVG), at $11.80/share for a total of $358.95 after fees. This added $43.20 to my forward annual dividend. My annual dividend is now $1,785.09 with an avg monthly payout of $148.75. Enough to cover my electric and Internet bill with a few dollars left over.

This month’s dividend payout came to $70.55 before DRIP. I received $54.00 from CTL, $8.13 from CJREF, and $8.42 or .98 shares from GLAD. This was a 337.38% increase of April 2017 where I only received $16.13 in dividends. As long as GLAD stays at its current price I should start receiving one (1)  full share starting in April. In the first quarter of 2018 I received $410.99 in dividends, increased my portfolio by $2,168.07 to $16,351.50 bringing my dividend interest to 10.916%. While the 2nd quarter should see increase in dividend and portfolio worth, April being tax month will cut into the amount of money I will be able to add to my portfolio. While it is still early to say if I will hit my $2,000 in dividends for 2018, I will easily surpass the $1,121.96 I received last year if do at least $400 a quarter in dividends. How did everybody else do the first quarter?

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Forward Dividend
NRZ 40 $16.68 $672.15  $80.00
TPVG 30 $11.80 $358.95  $43.20
Stock Dividend Payout
CTL $54.00
CJREF $8.13
GLAD $8.42 or .98 shares
Total $70.55

March 2018

As always, Happy dividend investing and see everybody in retirement!

2 thoughts on “March 2018

  1. Nice lil. Great to see you will surpass last yrs numbers. And with all the cash you invested last month that will continue going forward.

    Keep it up


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