January 2018

Did anybody see where January went? While the first week or so of January was slowly thanks in part of it being single digits if not below zero somedays and that just makes the days go by slow, the last half of the month just disappeared. Other than that it was a great month for my investment portfolio. I bought 25 more shares of SUN for $30.75 a share for a total of $773.70 after fees. This added $82.50 to my annual dividend increasing it to $1,597. This brings my average monthly dividend payout too $133.08 or almost enough to pay for my electric and internet bills which usually come to around $140 a month. The other stock I bought was more of a speculative investment than anything else. There is a company called Workhorse Group Inc (WKHS) that plans on releasing “hybrid” pickup trucks by the 4th quarter and I believe if they can do this their stock will pop seeing that they will be one of the first companies to get an PHEV/BEV/EV pickup truck to market. I bought 50 shares of their stock for $2.85 a share for a total of $147.40. This stock does not pay dividends so I do not plan to add it to my portfolio.

Dividends this month, while less than October’s payout of $254.52, blew last January’s payout out of the water by $83.58, an increase of 71.88% year over year. While I mention how much money I want to invest into my portfolio this year in my last blog post, I forgot to mention that I am aiming for $2,000 in dividends this year. Which is $880 more than I got last year. I should meet this goal as long as I keep to my investing goals. With that said I already banked $199.85 so for leaving me with $1800.15 to go. How did everybody else do last month?

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Forward Dividend
SUN 25 $30.75 $773.70 $82.50
WKHS 50 $2.85 $147.40
Stock Dividend Payout
CIM $62.50
NRZ $62.50
UNIT $60.00
CJREF $6.56
GLAD $8.29 or .89 shares
Total $199.85

January 2018

As always, Happy dividend investing and see everybody in retirement!

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