December 2017

With the celebration of the new years brings to a closes another year and year two of my dividend investment journey. Before I talk about the past year and what I plan on doing in 2018, let’s talk about December and how it turned out to be an exciting month. I bought 50 shares of CJREF at $9.07/share for a total of $458.37 after fees. This adds $45.50 to my forward dividend. I thought this would be it for the year but the Friday before Christmas I decided to sell my 150 shares of DLNG. The last 2 quarters were not great for DLNG revenue which has led to talks of a dividend cut or freeze by many and the decrease of stock price. I decided that this would be the best time to sell my shares of DLNG before it hits single digits and especially if I was going to claim any loses on my tax-return coming up. I sold all my shares for an average of $11.34/share for a total of $1,690.83 after fees. This decreased my annual dividend by $253.40. In total I paid $2,289.30 for the shares of DLNG and received $240.84 in dividends. After everything was said and done, I lost $357.63 from the sale. While I am not happy with this, I think I made the right choice and will add DLNG back to  my watch list to see what it does in the future.

With this available funds now at my disposal I decided to add 50 more shares of CJREF at $9.12/share for a total of $460.95 and $45.50 to my forward dividend, 25 shares of CTL for $17.24/share for a total of $435.95 and $54.00 to my forward dividend, and 25 shares of SUN for $28.32/share for a total of $712.95 and $82.50 to my forward dividend. I was left with $80.98 and my forward dividend decreased by $26.00 bringing it to $1,512.35. For the month of December I received $27.00 from the CTL I bought last month, $8.23 from GLAD that was DRIP for .878 shares, and $3.77 from CJREF that I bought in the beginning of the month. This brings this month’s total to $38.43 before drip. This was a 183.62% increase over September and a 14.99% increase over December 2016.  For 2017, I received $1121.39 in dividends which is a YOY increase of 178.41%.  (Side note: Because CJREF is a Canadian company, $.57 in taxes was automatically deducted from my account.  I do not mind this because either I pay it now or pay it when I file my taxes.)

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Forward Dividend
 DLNG  150  $11.34  $1690.83  -$253.40
CJREF 100 $9.095 $919.32 $91.00
CTL 25 $17.24 $435.95 $54.00
SUN 25 $28.32 $712.95 $82.50
Stock Dividend Payout
CTL $27.00
CJREF $3.77
GLAD $8.23 or .878 shares
Total $39.00

December 2017 Dividends

As always, Happy dividend investing and see everybody in retirement!

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