October 2017

WOW!!! That is the best way to explain October. Not only did I set a new dividend high for a month but I also bought a few stocks, sold a stock, and continue to watch Mr. Market play with my emotions. Never stock trade if you cannot keep your emotions in check. I have spent the better part of the year watching my stocks go more and more into red.  As you all know this means great buying opportunities for somebody like myself who is a dividend investor. My only issue is I never seem to have dry powder when I need it. Hopefully, everybody else is doing better than I am.

With that said, I believed it was a good time to sell one of the stocks I have had for over a year, CLDT. The stock’s PPS dropped and so I waited to see about either averaging down, dripping, or sell. I decided that it would be best to allocate the funds into a different stock and so I sold my 50 shares for $1052.51 for a loss of $63.59. This decreased my forward annual dividend by $66. Thankfully though because of dividend payments I at least broke even if not came out ahead. With dry funds already in my portfolio, dividends come in, and outside funds I bought a few stocks. I decided to buy 15 more shares of CIM at an average of $19.10/share for $291.45 after fees, started a new position with SUN and bought 40 shares at an average of $31.256/share for $1,260.14 after fees, and started another new position with CTL and bought 40 shares at an average of $18.57/share for $747.75 after fees. The forward dividend from these three purchases comes to $248.4 which brings my total forward dividend to $1,517.50.

As I said in the beginning, I set a new record in October for the most dividends received in one month. I received a total of $254.52 but because I am dripping one of my stocks, GLAD, cash total came to $246.41 and new shares came to 0.831. I received $55.00 from CIM, $62.50 from NRZ, $60.00 from UNIT, and $63.38 from DLNG and $5.53 from CLDT .  This was a $61.09 or 31.58% increase over July and a whopping $178.63 or 235.38% increase over last October. I have made $990.44 in dividends so far and have 2 more months to go. I I will hit $1,100 by years end but not $1,200 like I want. So far my stocks are doing what I want them to do and I will continue to watch for more buying opportunities.

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
 CLDT  50  $21.15  $1052.51  -$66.00
CIM 15 $19.10 $291.45 $30.00
SUN 40 $31.256 $1260.14 $132.00
CTL 40 $18.57 $747.75 $86.4
Stock Dividend Payout
CIM $55.00
NRZ $62.50
UNIT $60.00
DLNG $63.38
CLDT $5.53
GLAD .831 shares
Total $246.41

October 2017 Dividends


As always, Happy dividend investing and see everybody in retirement!

4 thoughts on “October 2017

    1. Thank you DD, I have been really aggressive this year on finding what I believe were great and safe dividend yields. Also stocks taken a dipped helped a lot. Next year I plan to not be as aggressive but still look to reach at least $2000 in FAD.

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