July’s Dividends

This month I saw a payout of $64.74 in dividends. This is the biggest payout so far this year which dwarfed last month’s payout by 63%. The main reason for this was because of CSAL stock in which I bought 60 shares of back in May. As you might have also noticed I decided to show my dividend payouts from my ROTH IRA account that I opened back in January.

Taxable Individual Account

Stock Dividend Payout
MAIN $7.20
CLDT $2.20
BRG $3.87
STAG $5.79
APLE $6.00
CSAL $24.00
DLNG $12.68
Total $$64.74

Roth IRA

Stock Dividend Payout
STAG $.58
BRG $2.42
Total $3.00

July 2016 Dividends


Happy trading and see you in retirement!

2 thoughts on “July’s Dividends

  1. Great job with your passive income. I’m happy to have come across your blog. I always love following other dividend growth bloggers and seeing where/how each invests. I don’t own any of the names paying you in July. They all seem like very high yielding stocks. A little too high for my liking. Do you have a page with all your portfolio holdings?


    1. Hello DivHut, thank you for your comments and questions. As of right now all but one of the stocks I own are in the REIT sector while the other one is in shipping. Most of the yields for the stocks I currently owned are in the 6-7% range with one being around 8% range and another one being around 11%. As you might know with REITs, they have to give a large portion of their revenue as dividends to be allowed special treatment with taxes and filling thus given them a larger than normal yield. This is great if you can find companies that have a great track record and positive near future outlook which is not easy in the REIT sector. I plan on buying a few “required” stocks next year which include T, GM, KO, CSCO that will give my portfolio a little bit more of a safety net.

      I had my portfolio page linked to my spreadsheet but the link seems to be not working. I plan on fixing that today or tomorrow.


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