May’s Stock Purchases and Sales

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
BDCL 20 $16.0055 $320.11 -$53.68
ARR 20 $20.13 $402.62 -$52.80
BX 20 $26.62 $532.40 -$22.40
APLE 20 $18.79 $375.80 $24.00
CLDT 20 $21.22 $535.40 $26.40
CSAL 40 $23.43 $937.20 $96.00
FTR 30 $5.07 $152.10 $12.60

May is the first time I sold a good portion of stock and shares. As for most people the reasons I did this was stability in dividend payout and future dividend growth. I sold all my shares in BDCL, ARR and BX for a total of $1255.13 which decreased my forward dividend by of $128.88.

I used the funds from the stocks I sold and my monthly deposit and bought $2000.50 which brought this year’s current cost expense to $4,641.16. The forward dividend from the stocks I purchase came to $159.00 which brings my yearly dividend to $387.60 or $32.30 on average a month. My current dividend yield is now 8.35%

Happy investment and I will see you in retirement.

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