March’s Stock Purchases and Sales

As you will see my stock buying is not going to be as big as it was in January and February going forward. I am looking to buy one or two stocks a month but at good quantity of each stock. Like I mention in my introduction post, I am looking to spend between $600-700 a month on stocks, more if money allows.

Stock # Of Shares Avg Share Price Total Cost Forward Dividend
BDCL 20 $14.53 $$290.60 $62.00
ARR 20 $20.45 $409.00 $64.80

Total month’s expenses comes to $699.60 which brings this year’s current expenses to 3286.26. Forward dividend comes to $126.80 which brings the yearly dividend to $339.25 or ~28.27/month. That is an increase of ~10.57 from last month. My current dividend yield is 10.32% which is up about 2.11% from last month. Happy investment and I will see you in retirement.

2 thoughts on “March’s Stock Purchases and Sales

  1. Hello!

    As you can see both of these stocks have high yields in respect to their prices but they are a huge gamble. BDCL is an ETN which tracks the Wells Fargo Business Development Company Index using a 2x leverage which means great dividend yield but their quarterly dividend fluctuates between quarters depending on how well the index it is tracking is doing. I like BDCL because of its cost, Its initial price was around $26 and gone as high as $30 and some change. If I didn’t already bought some stocks last month I could have picked up BDCL for around $12/share.
    Here is some information on the ETN (

    With ARR aka ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc it is a stock many people do not touch but for me at its price and what the monthly dividend is at I consider it a steal. I had to update my blog page just now because I saw that the company lowered its monthly dividend from $.33 to $.27. For a monthly dividend of that amount who wouldn’t want to snatch this bad boy up right? Well, its PPS continues to drop. It started around $72 and has gone up as high as $80 but since 2010 it has made its way down to the low $20s. It also has been doing mediocre when it comes to revenue, paying off its debt, and making deals. It has recently announced that it wants to buy a company which might help but from what I hear many people are concern about acquisition.
    Here is more information on the company (

    So for me both of these stocks are just a way to make some quick cash to help buy more long term stock. I really do not plan on holding on to them long, 1 – 2 years at that or if the PPS on either of them drop or their dividends are cut drastically. For people who do dividend investments it is one of those buy it forget it type thinking but for me I will be watching these stocks almost weekly, especially ARR, to see how they are doing.


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